Current team members

  • Yi-Jen Sun, PhD student on variation in climate sensitivity
  • Sofie Buesink, PhD student on cumulative effects on shorebirds
  • Sally Sheldon, student assessing hunting impacts on the EAAF Whimbrel population

Former team members

  • Dr. Magali Frauendorf, PhD student (completed 2023) working on carry-over effects of human impacts across seasons in shorebirds
  • Dr. Henk-Jan van der Kolk, PhD student (completed 2022) working on the impact of human disturbance on shorebird population dynamics
  • Dr. Andrew Allen, post-doc (completed 2023) working on how cumulative human impacts affect the meta-population dynamics of a partial migrant
  • Martijn van der Sluijs, technician coordinating long-term fieldwork on Schiermonnikoog and the molecular analyses in the lab.
  • Dr. Callum Lawson, postdoc 2013-2016 working on the impact of environmental variability on population dynamics
  • Dr. Gretchen Wagner, Swiss SNSF postdoctoral fellow 2017-2019 working on phenotypic flexibility during reproduction across avian species
  • Dr. Liam Bailey, PhD student 2013-2017 & ARC Endevour postdoctoral fellow 2018 working on the impact of extreme climatic events on shorebird populations
  • Dr. Nina McLean, PhD student 2014-2018 working on how climate sensitivity of traits affects population dynamics, later ARC Endeavour postdoctoral fellow working on intra- and interspecific variation in climate senstivity of demographic rates
  • Rafael Martig, 2017-2019 citizen science project-manager and coordinating long-term fieldwork on Ameland


  • Assoc. Prof Eelke Jongejans, Radboud University
  • Dr. Bruno Ens, Sovon Dutch centre for field ornithology
  • Prof. Loeske Kruuk, Australian National University
  • Prof. Andrew Cockburn, Australian National University
  • Dr. Lyanne Brouwer, James Cook University
  • Dr. Carla Ewels, James Cook University
  • Kees Oosterbeek, Sovon Dutch centre for field ornithology
  • Prof. Hans de Kroon, Radboud University
  • Assoc. Prof. Yngvild Vindenes, University of Oslo
  • Dr. Viktoriia Radchuk, IZW Berlin
  • Dr. Stephanie Jenouvrier, Woods Hole Oceanic Institute
  • Prof. Bernt-Erik Sæther, Norwegian University of Science and Technology