Interested in joining?

I am always keen to hear from people interested in studying exciting aspects of the behavioural, evolutionary, population or conservation ecology of wild organisms, either in the field, on the computer or both. You are very welcome to join our group for a student, PhD or postdoc project, please drop by for a chat or skype or email me to discuss topics and/or funding opportunities.

For Bachelor / Master students, please look at this departmental page, or even better email me with your own ideas!

For prospective PhD students, please be aware that regrettably the Dutch funding scheme provides almost no possibilities to apply for funding by prospective PhD students themselves (yes, this sucks, it is great that you have your own ideas, but it is virtually impossible to find funding for, unless it is from foreign funding schemes). The general procedure is that senior researchers obtain funding for specific pre-designed projects and then open it up for students to apply for. Any PhD positions currently advertised are posted here.

For postdocs life is better, as there are several opportunities to apply for personal fellowships to carry out your ideas. For example, in the Netherlands there is the NWO Rubicon (<1yr out post-PhD) and Veni (0-3yrs post-Phd) and Vidi (>3yrs post-PhD) scheme. And in Europe there are various Marie Curie fellowships for people that have not worked in the Netherlands recently. Finally, depending where you come from, your own country (e.g. Switzerland, Australia) may have outgoing fellowships to work abroad (e.g. with us in the Netherlands).