Lorentz workshop on role of individual heterogeneity for life histories and population dynamics

In the week of 2-7 February together with Stephanie Jenouvrier (Woods Hole Oceanic Institute, USA), Sandra Hamel (Laval Univ. Canada) and Bernt-Erik Saether (NTNU, Norway) I organized a workshop at he Lorentz centre at Leiden University. During the workshop a team of 25 international researchers from across the world worked on a comparative analyses on 15 of some of the most long-term individual-based studies on birds and mammals. Basically we want to know what the role is of both observed and unobserved individual heterogeneity in reproduction and survvial is for variation in life-history and population dynamics. A week of lots of discussion, developing our JAGS models and number crunching was lots of fun and let to many new plans for the future. For more info see this link.